How to Explore Cairns with Style and Convenience

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When you go to Australia, you will be hit with the inevitable ‘must-see’ attractions of Australia. We know about Sydney and the famed Opera House. We know about Uluru. We know about world class beaches and we all know about Cairns. With an abundance of nature that includes world heritage listed giants the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest, there is not a lot not to love about Cairns.

One of the biggest things that will make or break your Cairns trip is your mode of transport. Given that all the key attractions are outside of Cairns you will be stuck with the choice of going with a generic tour or searching for a hire car Cairns package that may be on offer.

Most visitors who visit Cairns may be lured in by the apparent comfort and convenience of paying for a standard tour where you will be forced to hop on a bus and be led around to key attractions. However, to truly experience Cairns with style and much more convenience is to look out for hire car Cairns offers around and rent your own car.

It may seem like a stretch to hire your own car but it will make a world of difference. Besides, what’s cooler than telling your friends how you rode around Australia in your own car and had the great Australian adventure you always wanted.

To get you started with some ideas for your Cairns roadtrip, here are a few itineraries you may want to consider:

Visit a World Heritage Listed Natural Attraction

This is it. This is the one trip that will have you deep in nature and give you the feeling of being on an adventure in the land down under. You’ve sored your hire car. Or maybe you caught a 4wd car hire Cairns deal you just couldn’t resist. Now you are ready to head to the world famous Daintree Rainforest. Situated about an hour north of Cairns lies this dense Tropical North Queensland highlight which you cannot miss. As a bonus, you will also get a chance to marvel at the stunning stretch of coastline between Cairns and Port Douglas. To get to Daintree you will need to go past Port Douglas but it will be well worth the wait. Very few times does life grant you the opportunity to see what its like when the rainforest and reef come together but hopefully your budget car rental Cairns plan is unfolding smoothly and you have your own vehicle.

Imagine the delight you will feel when you ride your giant 4wd through a rainforest and finally end up onto a spectacular open beach. You can get to Daintree by using a regular car but to get the most out of your Daintree experience, its best to have a 4wd as the area is filled with 80km of vast nature for you to explore.

Get down and dirty by crossing Bloomfield track

The real reward of having a 4wd is that you will be able to cross Bloomfield track which goes from Cape Tribulation, onward to WujalWujal and finally to Cooktown. Daintree marks the beginning of Cape Tribulation and in order to get onto the track you will need a 4wd as the path can be a little bit bumpy. However, if you happen to brave the trip, you will become one of the few to have crossed this bumpy path which takes you across creeks and onto some of the most isolated beaches in the Country. You will also get an intimate look at some of