The Way to Reserve A Practical UK Driving Exam

Please acknowledge that the only real place to reserve your driving exam is by using the office booking system at the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) which is situated on the Gov website.

They’ll charge you the total cost of this exam plus another booking fee, although there are loads of websites out there which are going to offer the Practical Test, or practical driving test cancellations for you.Click here for an alternative to the service provided by the Driving standards agency. Although, there’s no additional cost or booking fee if booked directly with the DVSA, the positives from alternative services is that they offer quicker tests. Note: they require an extra fee though.

How much does it cost me with the official site?

The fee to secure a test to get an exam will fluctuate based on your preferred day.

Weekday appointments = £62.00

Weekend appointments, and annual holidays cost a little bit more in being £75.

The Way to reserve a Driving Test Online

You’ll have to get your Theory and Hazard Perception Tests certificates before it is possible to apply to your Practical Driving Test.

You may reserve your driving test on the internet by seeing the GOV.UK site.

To complete your reservation if you, if you choose to reserve your exam online – You’ll need the following:

A Great Britain or Northern Ireland driving license number

Theory pass certificate

A debit or credit card.

The way to reserve a Driving Test from the telephone

Alternatively it is possible to telephone the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to 0300 200 1122 and reserve your driving test on the phone. Ensure you have all of the details before you phone.

The way to reserve a Driving Test

You can reserve your test by article. To obtain the application form below.please be aware that cash payments aren’t accepted.

The way to book a test retest

You’ll have to wait before you may apply for a retest for 10 days in case you didn’t pass yourcar driving test beforehand.

Why do I have to wait 10 days?

If you failed beforehand, you aren’t ready to be on the road legally. This means, you need to improve your driving skills.  Put some hours in with your instructor to make sure that when you next take your test, you’re 100% ready. Whether it’s your concentration, parallel parking, bay parking – it doesn’t matter what the issue is, if you practice enough, you will be ok.

What if I get too nervous during the test?

We recommend breathing exercises. Breathing is the key to managing anxiety – but, if this doesn’t work, most doctors are willing you give you one off medication to help you through this experience.

Will the test centre remember that I failed beforehand?

No, they won’t. Even if they did, they will not be bias in their decision-making. They want to pass just as much as you do. Statistics actually show, second attempts have a higher pass rate opposed to first attempts. Also, statistically, people who pass on their second attempt are safer drivers according the DVSA statistics.